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About Us

We Are The Family Artists

Creativity Is In Our Blood

We believe everything is based on a creative view, it's a joy capturing beauty in timeless ways all be it installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, pottery, poetry, performances, photographs, videos, or any other medium. We choose to express our creative view through painting and digital arts.

The Family Artists was created by Trelandon (Landon) to showcase some of his creative art. It has since expanded into a successful eComm with happy customers all over the world. I enjoy creating beautiful art and we truly enjoy sharing it with you. We hope you enjoy your visit and find something awesome and become part of our creative community.

Our Motto Is..Creatively Connecting Communities Through Art

Meet the Family

Valeria Collins

Marketing Director and Design Assistant.
I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, motivator, and realtor in the central Texas region. I bring creative ideas and provide marketing direction.


Trelandon "Landon" Jones

Owner, Artist Landon.

A husband, father, and grandfather. I'm a decorated Army veteran of 22 years.  No matter where my tour of duty was, I never lost focus on my craft, in fact, I contributed whenever possible with input on unit coin designs, unit t-shirts, murals, and more. My passion expanded well into learning Photoshop to design album covers, posters, edit pictures, and more. After serving in the Army, I went back to school earned a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science, landed a Support Engineer job at IBM. After that project ended, I decided to focus more time on my creative side, perfecting my talents in culturally diverse art and building this platform as a part of my everyday life. The military cultivated my drive, the education helps me understand IT complexities and troubleshoot anything within my store, and then, my art talent motivates me to create art in my unique way.


Justine "Mizs Jones" Jones

Independent Artist.
Contact: IG a talented artist. She loves to inspire like-minded people and let others know they have the power to make a positive change through art! She believes that art enables us to find ourselves & lose ourselves at the same time all while creating something special during this process. She wants to charter her path as an independent artist. However, it's worth noting that she is part of our family of artists. You can check her out on her page: