About Us

We Are The Family Artists

Creativity Is In Our Blood

We love art and believe everything is based on a creative view.  Capturing life's beauty can be done in so many creative ways, all be it  through, sculptures, paintings, drawings, pottery, poetry, performances, photographs, videos, or any other medium you choose. Here at TFA we contribute to this vast medium art society through painting and digital arts.

This website was created to showcase Landon's creativity skills. It has since expanded into a successful online art store with happy customers all over the world. We absolutely love to see the joy our art brings to people lives. We hope you browse our gallery and find something that brings you happiness, and we would love for you to become part of our socially connected community.

Our Motto Is We Love Creatively Connecting Communities Through Art.

Meet the Family

Valeria Collins

Marketing Director and Design Assistant.

Contact: valeriacollins67@gmail.com


I provide marketing direction, creative ideas to the brand.

Trelandon "Landon"Jones

Owner, Artist Landon.

Contact: trelandon@thefamilyartist.com or trelandon.jones@gmail.com


I am a Software Engineer by trade, and an Artist by heart. I’ve always had the talent to draw as long as I can remember. My passion expanded well into painting, learning Photoshop, Illustrator, and other third party software. Minecraft also expanded into, commission art, designing album covers, and posters for friends. I also served 22 years in the military, and always found the time to contributed or give input on unit coin designs, unit t-shirts, murals, and more. After serving, and continuous work in IT jobs, I still find the time and focus on my creative side. I love perfecting my talent and building my brand as Mix Medium artist. The military cultivated my drive, my software skills help navigate the complexities of managing a website, and last but not least art keeps  me grounded and motivated. I am excited and blessed to share my creativity with everyone.